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No Anthro Zone Review: Backswept Dress by Corey Lynn Calter - " I Got You Covered"

Backswept Dress 6 - by Corey Lynn Calter - Anthro Orig $288 Sale $140 - Aug 2011
Istria Peep Toes 7.5 - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $158 - Mar 2009

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I'm back with another Corey Lynn Calter Dress Review.  The Backswept Dress wasn't even on my Radar.  When it unexpectedly made sale last Tuesday, I reconsidered, and made it mine. The move seemed reasonable enough. After all, I'm a CLC fan through and through. What could go wrong? 

How difficult could it be to make this bare back dress work for me, without looking ridiculous.  Or would I have to resort to throwing a Cardi over top and calling it a day. 

Jamie of Thrifty Threads described the Backswept Dress as a "One Trick Pony."  Having read the reviews, but having never laid eyes on the dress first hand, I agreed with her assessment. It turns out, there is more to this dress than meets the eye.


The Backswept Dress by Corey Lynn Calter Orig $288 Sale $140 - August 2011

Product Image Back
Product Image Front

SIZE:  I ordered my normal size 6 for Corey Lynn Calter Dresses.  I'm just over 5'5" Tall, 130 lbs, 35-28-36, 34C to D.  Narrow shoulders.

FIT:  The fit is absolutely everything I have come to expect from CLC.  Perfect. The bodice is fitted without feeling tight.  The waist seam hits an inch above my natural waistline.  The tie back is adjustable. I pulled the shoulders in slightly.  I like the flattering sleeveless arm holes that extend just past my shoulders.  Almost a cap sleeve, but not quite. My bra doesn't show under the arms. The hemline covers my knees.  A longer length I don't normally choose since it tends to cut me off at the knee and make me look shorter.  The flattering tailored bodice removes the chances of that happening. The elastic at the waistband in back provides a comfortable fit. I didn't have issues with gaping.

This dress has a "relaxed, wear anywhere, anytime, and feel like your in a night gown" fit.

Backswept Dress 6 - by Corey Lynn Calter - Anthro Orig $288 Sale $140 - Aug 2011
BTW.  There is no crinoline slip under this dress.  The fan is blowing my skirt.

Now for the back of the dress?  Let's take a quick look at this lovely young lady standing in a vineyard.

Anthropologie Catalog Issue 6 - June 2011 - PG 41
Backswept Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

This vineyard could easily be anywhere in Bakersfield, CA. It's a perfect location for an open backed dress. However, the only place I will be wearing this dress is to work.  We do have a dress code.  I don't think an open back this low would be tolerated.
Now, let's be reasonable adults.  Many of us can't go without support, but would still like to enjoy this gorgeous dress.  But at the same time, no one wants to cover a pretty dress with a Cardi when the weather calls for short sleeves.  Although, I admit to making this adjustment many times.

I came up with an alternative that not only covers the issue completely, but also enhances, instead of taking away from the look of the dress.

Meet two of many closet essentials...

Thing One
Reversible Seamless Tank in Raspberry Small - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $25 Sale $20 -  July 2011
Thing Two
Reversible Seamless Tank in Turquoise Small - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $25 Sale $20 - July 2011
Thing One and Thing Two arrived in July when they hit sale at a lousy $5 off. Thanks Anthro!  I've been waiting Months for such a deal.  Colors such as these could come in handy. It turned out that I needed them sooner instead of later.  Both colors work equally well with the V-Neck to the back.

Backswept Dress 6 - by Corey Lynn Calter - Anthro Orig $288 Sale $140 - Aug 2011
Reversible Seamless Tank in Raspberry Small - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $25 Sale $20 - July 2011
Problem solved to my satisfaction!

FABRIC: 100% Silk with no give. Large scale Coral and Pale Green Chrysanthemums on White background. Fully lined is sheer Blush Polyester. Dry Clean Only.  Needs pressing to look it's best. I untied all 3 ties and ironed them before re-tying them.

 I remembered to tie my bows
 right over left, left over right
 this makes a bow both tidy and tight

100% Silk Shell
100% Poly Lining
Slit Tie Front Pockets.  You may loose anything you put in them
Side Zip with helper button
Extra helper included in a coordinated Print Bag
Elastic Back Waist band
Tie Back with Keyhole

Backswept Dress 6 - by Corey Lynn Calter - Anthro Orig $288 Sale $140 - Aug 2011
Reversible Seamless Tank in Raspberry - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $25 Sale $20 - July 2011
Solid Turquoise Rose - by Allison Dayton - Athleta Orig $198 - Apr 2009
Istria Peep Toes 7.5 - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $158 - Mar 2009
OK!  Please be truthful!  What do you think of my solution?  Does it work?  Is it too obvious? Do you have a better idea to cover my back?

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