Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anthro Closet Chaos Celebrates the Caranday Cause!

In Thursday's Post, I mentioned that I had a special happy ending to report on Friday.  That hasn't changed, but since it's Saturday, I'm late.

Anthropologie Caranday Dress in Green New - Anthro Orig $178 eBay Auction $212 - July 2011

Hi Ladies!  On occasion I have been known to hide things from you.  I've had my Caranday Dress on ice for a month.  My plan was to save it for something special. 

That special day has arrived, and it has everything to do with Anthropologie's Caranday Dress

Caranday Dress in Green New - Anthro Orig $178 eBay Auction $212 - July 2011

You and I both know how hot this Dress is.  To be honest with you, I didn't know I wanted the dress.  I stumbled upon the eBay Auction Listing and suddenly I had this overwhelming urge to bid. The original price for the Caranday Dress was $178.  Bidding started at $158.  The dress was listed as never worn. Perhaps the connection to my favorite dress designer finally registered.

My Devil doesn't wear Prada, she wears Corey Lynn Calter!

So I did what any Red blooded Anthro Girl would do.  I sniped the dress with a Max bid of $235. My winning bid was for $212.  I was later refunded $10 for dry cleaning costs.  The dress appears brand new as the Seller promised, but smelled bad.

I may as well mention this now.  I learned after the fact, that I sniped at least 3 items this year from Readers.

Caranday Dress in Green New - Anthro Orig $178 eBay Auction $212 - July 2011
Jemima Shrunken Cardi - by Moth Jan 2008 Cat - Anthro Orig $88 eBay EZ Sniper $96 - Mar 2011
KM Gladiator in Green Patent - by Matt Bernson $169 - May 2009
Pears on Sterling - Etsy Shop Polished Two $9 - May 2009
Handmade Fused Glass Butterfly Pin - from Etsy Shop Primitive Pursuits $20 - May 2009

If I sniped a Green Caranday Dress in Size 6 from you on July 25th. Please forgive me

I hope you have since found a replacement Caranday. 

Today I am wearing one of the three sniped items with the Caranday Dress. Anthropologie's Shrunken Jemima Cardi by Moth.  Why am I wearing the Cardi? The strange thing is, the actual bodice is big along the top. Since peep shows are strictly forbidden at work, I covered for modesty's sake. The size 6 fits perfectly everywhere else.

I am in serious need of Carly's (Strawberry Heels Forever) F21 top, or something similar to layer underneath.  If you see something that could work, please let me know.  I was looking for a top like hers long before the Caranday Dress. Any top in Ivory, White, or very light Yellow, stretchy, thin, short or cap sleeves, with a moderately cut neckline will work.

Why am I Celebrating The Caranday Dress? 

I'll let Joni tell the first part of the story in her own words...

Many of Laura’s wonderful followers have asked what happened with my Caranday Dress purchase that went horribly wrong on Ebay, so Laura invited me to tell my story.  The reason I’m telling it is because I care that it doesn’t happen to anyone else – no one deserves disappointment like this.  Also it’s a BIG “Thank You” to all of you who have shown such great concern!  You are simply the BEST!! 

A couple of weeks ago I did a search on Ebay for a Caranday Dress and a size 2 Red Caranday dress appeared!  My heart started beating SOOO fast as I was REALLY excited!  Number 1 mistake, don’t get excited too quickly – do your homework!  I did…sort of.  It had a BIN price of just under $200 I believe, and a starting price of $149.99 by the seller.  I did NOT bid that day ladies because the seller did not have any feedback (although she could have been just cleaning out her closet?) and I had to think about it. I should have listened to my Woman’s Intuition right there but I didn’t.  The next day there was a starting bid of $149.99 by someone on July 25th who had 217 feedback stars.  So the BIN price was gone and I was really disappointed because bidding scares me.  I have had some very successful purchases on Effortless Anthropologie and only a couple on Ebay but they went well.  Still, I had lost out on a couple of dresses on Ebay and that hurts!  I then rationalized that 1 person bid $149.99 so far so SHE must think the seller is ok.  The seller offered a 7 day return policy which I KNOW most don’t (RED LIGHT ALERT) so I thought what would I have to lose, I can return it and all I would be out is my return postage.  Ladies, it was NEW without tags, A CARANDAY, who could resist?!   But still, did I think it was safe to commit?  I could ask the seller to email me a picture of the dress like I had learned to do on Effortless, but get this mistake, I didn’t want to “offend” her by questioning the authenticity of her dress.  I waited until the last day (July 28th) and decided that it would be ok, I WANTED that dress so much that it blinded me from seeing the whole picture.  I placed a high bid of $250.00 on and closed my eyes and shut off the computer not wanting to see who won till it was over.  After it was all over I held my breath and turned on the computer and OMGOSH. She said she would probably send it out the next day and I told her she was wonderful and she said I had been wonderful as well!  She couldn’t have been nicer!  Got a tracking number the next day that showed she had electronically (online) notified USPS of her Priority package and that she had paid for it to be insured for $200.  Whew!  I felt totally safe!  All weekend long I kept checking to see if the package had been scanned by USPS.  The beginning of the week still showed no acceptance scan and I wrote her a nice note asking if she had sent the dress and belt out yet, but no worries if not as I was just checking because I was hoping to wear it the following weekend.  (Girls, it was to a Katy Perry Concert in LA, COULDN’T you just SEE that dress there?!  The PERFECT Katy Perry Dress as it was red and cream stripes!)  I was so surprised that I didn’t hear from her.  Maybe she went on vacation?  I kept giving her the benefit of the doubt because I still NEVER thought I wouldn’t get it.  I sent out another nice email and checked my Ebay account and this is what she wrote on my feedback:  Sweet Ebayer!! Super fast payment. I hope you love the dress and the belt. Thanks”  Well GREAT!  All was well!  Maybe she gave the package to someone else to mail out and they forgot or just hadn’t done it yet.  She was from Florida so it was coming a long way to Southern California .  I would wear something else to the concert and I would probably get it the following Monday or Tuesday.  No problem!  By the middle of the following week, light was dawning inside poor Joni’s Pollyanna head, who always sees the glass half full. My dress and belt might not be coming.  I sent two really nice emails through Ebay asking if she had sent my package out and if not was there a situation where she wasn’t able to get it out and was there something I could do to help?  I read up on the Ebay Buyer Protection Plan and also put a search into USPS to see if it had ever been accepted (it hadn’t).  I called Ebay about the dress, and a really nice girl told me it was time to open a case against her as I had waited long enough.  Then she forwarded me to Paypal so I could talk to them about the belt.  Paypal also said it was time and a very nice man helped me.  Lastly I realized I could ask for information about her from Ebay and sure enough they emailed me an address and phone number.  I called the next morning and a Bank and Trust from Florida answered and they had never heard of her.  Now it REALLY sunk in that the dress wasn’t coming.  Silly Joni, still trusting.  This Friday I will be asked by Ebay and Paypal to “Escalate” my case against her and most likely I will receive all my money back in time.  But of course I would rather just have the dress. 

The point here is read up on EVERY piece of information Laura  has given you!  It is valuable and she is experienced!  If you already knew all of this I am proud of you!  I have learned the hard way to not let my emotions get in the way of making good choices when warning bells are ringing! 

Thank you ALL for your support!  You are AMAZING Ladies and it’s an honor to be part of this fun Community!  This loss was almost worth it for all the new friends I have made!

Ok on a nice note Ladies, I can’t BELIEVE I jumped in again but I bid on a grey size small Snakebite belt and WON!   I JUST got it in the mail (SUPER FAST!!) and it WAS brand new in Anthro online packaging and it WAS authentic!  YEA!  One down and with a hope and a prayer maybe I will get my Caranday Dress which is the LAST TREASURE on my wish list!  Woo Hoo!

Joni  :  )

Caranday Dress in Green New - Anthro Orig $178 eBay Auction $212 - July 2011
KM Gladiator in Green Patent - by Matt Bernson $169 - May 2009

For a casual Caranday look, I couldn't ask for a more perfect sandal than the KM Gladiators by Matt Bernson in Green Patent.

I was in a meeting Thursday afternoon, when I happened to check my email.  It was then I saw a comment from Kavita.  I was up and out of the room with a bathroom excuse.  I couldn't believe what I read. Kavita just found her Red Caranday Dress on eBay. Which meant that she was prepared to sell her Green Caranday to Joni.   I had never spoken to Joni personally, but she had given me her number just in case she was asleep at the wheel when the moment arrived.  Allergy Medication had knocked her out.  Later that night we screamed our joy over the phone once the transaction was under way.

I'm celebrating a happy ending to Joni's Caranday Dress Cause.  I am truly grateful to be part of this wonderful Anthro Community.  When one of it's Members is in need, this community comes to her aid.

Thank you Kavita.  The transaction was made in Anthropologie Heaven.  It couldn't have been more perfect. Can't wait to meet you!

Admire the many sides of the Caranday Dress styled by ...

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (