Monday, January 10, 2011

Polkas and Primary Sparkle in the Navy - F21

Happy Back To Work Monday! Yesterday, Camden and I set out to Bakersfield's Valley Plaza Mall.  I was out to get my iPhone makeover. A free iPhone case from Sephora.  Never mind, they were all gone.  So son and I took a walk through the mall.  Pretty much deserted on Sunday.  Robinson's May is now a Target. I haven't stepped foot in here for many months.
Vintage Dots Skirt - by Leifsdottir -  Neimans Orig $198 Sale $69 - Sept 2010
Proscenium Cardi in Navy - by Splendid - Anthro Orig $68 - Jun 2010
Outlook Belt - Anthro $28 - Jun 2009
Pizazz Tights in Navy - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Feb 2010
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Butterfly and Flower Set- Gifted and Handmade by Saraporn - Etsy Shop WahtVeritas - Dec 2010

As I round the bend to where Gottschalks used to be, what do I see?  A huge department store size FOREVER 21. Impressive.  Maybe not.  As you can see, not much action going on here. 

So I made my first F21 purchase.  No big deal!  It's a $10, long sleeved, Gray Tee. 

Forever 21
Valley Plaza Mall - Bakersfield CA - Jan 2011
 Today is a partial re-mix of sorts.  Only one item I am wearing is new.  I've posted this outfit previously. See me wearing the Anthro's Proscenium Cardi in Navy by Splendid and Leifsdottir's Vintage Dots Skirt in a previous post HERE.

Vintage Dots Skirt - by Leifsdottir -  Neimans Orig $198 Sale $69 - Sept 2010
Proscenium Cardi in Navy - by Splendid - Anthro Orig $68 - Jun 2010
Outlook Belt - Anthro $28 - Jun 2009
Pizazz Tights in Navy - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Feb 2010
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Butterfly and Flower Set- Gifted and Handmade by Saraporn - Etsy Shop WahtVeritas - Dec 2010

Today I added a splash of Red with Anthro's Outlook Belt. Then carried sparkling Navy down with Anthro's Pizazz Tights by Eloise.

Pizazz Tights in Navy - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Feb 2010
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010
Quilted Patent Iris Bag in Cream - by Orla Kiely AW10 - Yoox Orig $335 Sale $170 FS - Dec 2010
 I brought in a bit of Military style with Anthro's Honor Guard Booties by Messeca. These now Sold Out shoes get tons of comps. The SA's in F21 loved them. I was able to repair my wayward snap that kept popping off with Engineering tape. Something the shoe repair guy couldn't handle.  He would have to replace all the snaps to match. Engineering tape is the answer to Super Glue when you need something a little thicker.  I can press Anthro hooks on my doors with the stuff.

Dyed Howlite Butterfly and Flower Set - Gifted and Handmade by Saraporn - Etsy Shop WahtVeritas - Dec 2010
 And now for my new item.  I received this necklace and earrings set from my friend Saraporn in Thailand.  She is the owner and artist for Etsy ShopWahtVeritas.  She sent both Heidi and I a set for the Holidays. She is such a sweet friend.  She hand makes all her jewelry.  This necklace is made from dyed Howlite and stainless wire.

Diamondplate Coat - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $398 Sale $150 - Dec 2008
Glittens - Anthro - Gifted from Christine - Dec 2009
Quilted Patent Iris Bag in Cream - by Orla Kiely AW10 - Yoox Orig $335 Sale $170 FS - Dec 2010
Introducing one of my favorite, but not so versatile coats, Anthro's Diamondplate Coat by Leifsdottir. And to add a punch of Primary color into the mix, I donned this pair of bright Yellow Glittens gifted to me from Christine in Dec 2009. I have been carrying my new Quilted Patent Iris Bag by Orla Kiely non stop for two weeks now. I can't get enough of this gorgeous little bag.  The strap unhooks to convert to a clutch.  Awesome!

Tonight I will have my repaired Laptop in my hot little hands. It's amazing how excited I am over a Laptop.  More so than an Anthro delivery.  I actually have a bunch of those coming tonight too.  I have a feeling I'm not going to get much sleep.

Ask me questions please!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


Louise said...

Ha you are so cute, I always love your pictures, you look so happy and most of all like you are having lots of fun!

The Forever 21 looks impressive from the outside - are they like a jumble sale inside by the end of the day?

We have a cheapo chain called Primark over here which, if you don't get arrive when the doors open, is horrible by mid-morning - all the clothes are on the floor, the queues are out the door and millions of teenagers elbow you out the way for a £4 dress...!

Jewish Girl said...

Hooray for the return of the laptop! And man oh man, I am mad over those sparkly tights!!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Laura + laptop reunion!!

Karen said...

Laura, Hooray for the new F21 in Valley Plaza! I was pleasantly surprised to see how nicely organized and picked up a few items in the accessories section that I find myself using quite frequently and enjoying. Speaking of accessories, that wahtveritas Etsy shop has some impressive pieces!
What is engineering tape? If it fixes shoes, I should be specifying it on my projects!
Hope your laptop makes it there safe and sound tonight!

Laura said...

Louise, Just me, two cats, and a camera having a little photo shoot at 5 AM. I try to keep it interesting.

I was surprised how clea and organized the store was. And huge. I did learn that once you've seen one rack of Gray Shirts you've seen them all.

Jewish Girl, Pizzaz tights occasionally on eBay.

Elizabeth, Yay for Laptop indeed.

Karen, Did you see some familiar designs at WahtVeritas? Much like some Anthro pieces? I got a roll of Eng Tape at Lowe's. It's kind of like sticky gum. One of my straps kept coming unsnapped every few steps. I stuck some between the snap and base. Hasn't come off yet. And I walked to Target from my office this morning. I can easily slip these shoes on so not a problem.

Loraine said...

Anthro deliveries? Please do share! I love the Diamondplate Coat on you!

Laura said...

Loraine, Anthro deliveries: The Hopi Basket Cardi cut to $40 from $158, to wear with the Double Breated Shirtdress that was cut to $3 from $128. It's the perfect fit for me. But ironing it was a nightmare.

Seville Heels in Purple Suede by Coclico. I grabbed these on Pop Back. Were $385, on sale for $190, Red Tagged for $142.

Also expecting my first Modcloth dress purchase.

And Friday I finally ordered Anthro's Shoelace Collar Coat by Tracy Reeses. I only hop it fits. One review said to size up 2 sizes. Another said size down one size. I went with my normal size 4.

Anytime you want to see what I have ordered just click on my Virtual Closet link . The second folder down marked NEW STUFF contains all my newest orders.

Laura said...

Please excuse All the typos. iPhone commenting is so tedious. The Double Breasted Shirtdress was $30 not $3.

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt!

Laura said...

Karen, Do tell what Projects you speak of that require ENGINEERING TAPE. I'm curious about my one Bakersfield Blogger. And curious minds want to know!

Karen said...

Engineering projects, of course :) (however I don't recall ever using duct tape to tape a duct or using the anthropologie site to study about homo sapiens).

Laura - how do you come up with clever names for your blog entries? And has anyone else ever been curious about how Anthropologie clothes get named?

Chrissy said...

I love your outfit, esp. your coat and purse!! Beautiful!

Kelly said...

Very fun outfit and I love the Diamondplate coat! And yay for getting your computer back! I know I always feel lost without my computer, phone, and such.

vintageglammz said...

The first time I walked into forever 21, I felt like a big girl in a candy store full of cheap and cheerful things! I couldn't believe the size of the store - ginormous. It's great for basics and accessories!
I love that little polkadot skirt - it's really cute! And that coat is fabulous!
Btw - are you balancing on the legs of your chair there in the first pic? hope you didn't tip over :-)

Laura said...


Ha-ha! What discipline in Engineering? Civil? Don't tell me Petroleum? Because I just looked at your profile and you look very familiar to me.

I have the Babergh Dress. Babergh is a very poor city in Europe. I have noticed once a year the catalog is devoted to using the names of rocks, minerals, and or Geologic formations. Glacier and slate is used often.

As for naming my posts. I have always been good at making up songs and ryhmes. Sometimes I can come up with the post name right off the bat. Other times it comes to me as I am writing. Most of the time I have no idea what I am going to even write about.


The Diamondplate coat was my very first Leifsdottir coat. And considering what they go for now, Anthro marked it down to 65% off the original price immediately. Go figure. They don't do that anymore.

Laura said...

Kelly, My Laptop arrived an hour ago. I had to get Security software and Wireless connection back on. But I'm up and running. It feels great.

Jen, F21 was almost too much. Then I realized they repeat stuff over again from rack to rack. But then I have issues when I am confronted with an Anthro Store. Mind you I am too used to shopping from the comfort of home. It's all about organization. I can find what I want online faster.

In the photo, notice one foot is on the edge of the counter at all times. It's all an act, but fun to think up silly little posses for photos.

Collette Osuna said...

Yayyyyyy!!!! You went to F21, my girlllll:)
I of COURSE am in total love with that little polka skirt,how cute!! Great mix of made the outfit really fun.....Im thinking you need to "school me" in the Anthro dept and point me in the direction of a few MUST HAVE pieces...:)
Thank you SOOOO much for your wonderful words on my blog for Friend Friday....I adore you as well....and would follow you anywhere, any day....just to see what YOU have to say too!!

Hugs & kisses....Happy Twitter Tuesday to you love:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!♥

Mandy said...

Laura, I am so jealous that you have an F21!! Excellent!! They have wonderful basics! And I love the blues that you have going on in your outfit - gorgeous! And your belt ... LOVE it! I saw that Anthro reintroduced it in some new colors. I don't own that belt, but I've dying to! You just made me really want to buy it! And that Leifsdottir coat, Laura ... PERFECT on you! That's a Laura coat right there! What a buy on sale!

So glad that the laptop is back! I've been missin' Laura posts! :)

Laura said...

Collette, I was so lost in F 21. You really must know how to layer to get the look you want. I can see why this store works so well for someone like you. I simply don't dress in layers very often. The store was very well laid out and huge. But then I easily become overwhelmed in just about any store. It took me 45 minutes to find and purchase a Tee shirt.

Mandy, You better believe I'm back. Look out Blogland, here I come. I actually thought I did OK producing 2 posts a week during lunch. I recently decided every other day is really all I can handle even with a PC.

Tien said...

F21 makes me dizzy, and I try to look at their stuff online, and even then it makes me dizzy. Yours look huge! I love the first photo--so fun and carefree!

Collette Osuna said...

You are too cute......:) Mwah!!

Jamie said...

You did a bang-up job remixing here, Laura. Leifsdottir just seems made for you, with their fun and frilly details. And I never would have imagined that the Honor Guard Booties would look so great with the polka dot skirt, but you've sure put together a first-rate outfit with the combo. And the red belt is the perfect piece to add some interest to the blue.

So glad you have your laptop back!

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