Monday, January 17, 2011

Hop, Skip, Jump, and Fall into Love! I Love My Boots Berry Much! I Shared My Wish List!

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Day! So where are all my orders for the last 2 weeks? Stuck on the Atlantic Seaboard due to weather.  What a shame!
Falling In Love Jacket - by Elevenses - Seattle Anthro Orig $118 Sale $60 Red Tag $45 - Jan 2011
Cinched Raglan Top - F21 - VP Mall Bako $10 - Jan 2011
Reversible Tank In Black Scoop Side - by Eloise - Anthro $24 - 2009
Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt Red Motif - by Ett Twa - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Infinity Belt in Grey - Anthro Orig $32 Sale $20 - Dec 2010
Faceted Garnet with Sterling Necklace - Sundance $??? - Mar 2009
I planned two outfits, and had both posts ready to go. When I tried on the skirt for today's outfit...IT WAS TOO TIGHT. No fear.  It's a $24 Idra skirt from eBay. I re-ordered the Skirt in a 4. But I'm disappointed!  I was excited about showing off my new Anthro Seville Heels.  That's what I get for being proud. The post is ready to go as soon as the size 4 Skirt arrives. 

Falling In Love Jacket - by Elevenses - Seattle Anthro Orig $118 Sale $60 Red Tag $45 - Jan 2011
Cinched Raglan Top - F21 VP Mall Bako $10 - Jan 2011
Reversible Tank In Black Scoop Side - by Eloise - Anthro $24 - 2009
Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt Red Motif - by Ett Twa - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Infinity Belt in Grey - Anthro Orig $32 Sale $20 - Dec 2010
Tapestry Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50 - Dec 2010
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
Faceted Garnet with Sterling Necklace - Sundance $??? - Mar 2009

 Before I began Blogging, there were three colors I would not wear.  I am wearing all those colors today at the same time.  I'd say that's a fairly amazing feat for me. I'm also well layered up. A style I never went for. 

The cherry on top of today's outfit is Anthro's Falling In Love Jacket by Elevenses (thank you LC of Bella Seattle who placed this Vest/Jacket on hold for me at the Seattle Store).  Pressing the ruffles so they would lay evenly was a chore. Not to mention the fussy wool fabric is a lint magnet.  But this unique vest is worth the extra effort.  Next down is my one and only Forever 21 purchase to date from the local mall, F21's Cinched Raglan Top.  And the base layer that was needed due to a deep V neck is Anthro's Reversible Tank by Eloise on the Scoop side.

Shop my F21 Top HERE.

I've been waiting for the Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt by Ett Twa to go on sale after seeing Kelly of Fashion Fuel wearing it when she first arrived in NYC. 

See Kelly wearing the skirt HERE.
Shop the Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt at Anthro HERE. 

How to Shop for Pop Backs from your Wish List.

Have you ever stumbled across an item you wanted but your size is out of stock?  No fear.  I almost always find that item eventually. First I have to get the item into my Wish List. I add the item in any size that is still in stock.  Then I check for Pop Backs often Monday through Saturday.  Just click the drop down selection arrow if you are looking for a particular color, then click the drop down for the size selection to see if your size has Popped Back into stock, then click update, and add to your shopping bag. This is shopping for POP BACKS from your Wish List.  You would normally do this for items that were never presented in the catalogs, or items from catalogs that have been written over, or any item that has Sold Out. Stock is returned Monday - Saturday during the day, and those returns Pop Back into Stock.

This is why I never delete anything I still want from my Wish List.  Plus, if the item Pops Back you can share this link in a Public Wish List. You can then Search the name of the owner of the Wish List and add the item to your Shopping Bag.  

For example: Size 6 has been out of stock in the Cascading Bow Dress forever, but when I checked this morning an 8 had Popped Back in stock.  Anyone want this dress in size 8?  Just send me an email.

Do you want to read the reviews for this dress first?  Just Google "Anthropologie Cascading Bow Dress Reviews."

I hope all this info is helping my Readers. I would love to know if it is.

On the very top of my outfit is Anthro's Infinity Belt.  I'm surprised this little snap closure belt doesn't pop right off me with 6 layers below. I love the tuxedo look at the back with the Vest.

I was shocked by the deep scratches and dry leather on my Berry Stitched Boots. It's from the pedals in my car and the legs of my desk at work.  Every time I hit one, I cringe at the gouge I just caused.

I regularly GIVE LOVE to my footwear. But these boots take a beating every time I wear them.  Which seems to be every other week or more. So I grabbed my pretty little bag of  Footwear Love I keep in a handy location (the back of the closet door knob).

Shoe and Boot Care Stash
Saddle Soap, Mink Oil and Shoe Polish
Hoofmaker Mane and Tail
Soft Brush for Buffing
Lots of old rags
And a Pretty Bag to keep it in.

OK!  So the Pledge was in the Pantry.  Why Pledge you may ask?  I'll get to that near the end.

Normally I get by with liberally applying Hoofmaker Mane and Tail and buffing it in well with a soft rag.  After all, it's a moisturizer that contains lanolin.  Not only does it condition and protect leather, it's great for my nails. I keep some in my office for emergency shoe care.

Ah, but the scratches are another story. I needed to remove those first. I went at it with Brown Shoe Polish. I worked the polish into the scratches with a soft rag and let that dry for 5 minutes. Then I buffed that with a soft brush.  Still didn't cover that well.  So I did it again this time daubing it gently over the scratched areas.  I let that dry again and did not buff.  That was the ticket.

I followed with Mink Oil, applied sparingly, and worked it in with a soft cloth.  It took at least 30 minutes to do the pair. 

Now I understand why cowboys have such dirty boots.  Jeez!  Shoes are smaller, easier and faster to polish. But I do love my Anthro boots, so well worth the effort to have them pretty and new looking.

BTW, Mink Oil, like other leather protectors, water proofer, and moisturizers, will darken most leather.  But it's better than walking around in scratched, decaying, unprotected Footwear. Just don't use it on suede or fabric shoes.

About the other stuff in the picture. 

Someone told me once to use Saddle Soap on my boots.  Ba-ha!  Don't ever use it on textured leather.  It dries into the cracks and turns White.  It's very hard to spread and almost impossible to get completely off without leaving that White residue behind.

Pledge is wonderful stuff.  I use it on my Stainless Stove and Dishwasher. Besides Wood, it also works great on Marble, Granite, and Leather.  You heard me right, Leather.  So I have, in a pinch, used it on footwear.  Works great. 

Tapestry Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50 - Dec 2010
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
Sepia Crocus Bag or Dark Multi Stem Tote - by Orla Kiely AW08 - June 2008

As you can see my Berry Stitched Boots by Lucky Penny look gorgeous again.  No longer as Purple as they used to be.  My Mother calls this color Ox Blood. Yuck! And I adore Anthro's Tapestry Tights by Eloise , so much I ordered a second pair the other day on Pop Back from my Wish List.
How do you care for your Footwear?  Any comments on better products and techniques are greatly appreciated. 

Wouldn't it be great if they could come up with something that prevents ugly scratches. Footwear makers are being forced to use less polluting techniques to tan leather.  Less processing makes the leather softer and more prone to scratching.  So it seems our footwear won't last as long, so we will be throwing away more shoes and handbags into the landfills. How is that protecting the environment?  It's a vicious cycle.

Here is what is available in my Public Wish List today: Just search from your Wish List.

Anthro Sister Love and Footwear Care, Laura (


Kelly said...

Yay! I couldn't wait for you to wear this skirt once I knew you got this on sale. It looks great on you and I like how you styled it with black and gray! I think I'll have to give the black/gray color combo a try next time I wear my skirt!!!

Pamela said...

What a great outfit! I love that vest! How did I miss out on that!

I apprecited the tips you provided in this post! I've bookmarked it so I can refer back. Thanks!

iLiveinmyLab said...

Great post! Loved all of the tips! Also, for future reference mink oil helps to waterproof your boots and shoes. I've used it on almost every pair of leather boots I own, it's absolutely fantastic!

Collette Osuna said...

Laura...this is something I would TOTALLY the color mixing look so pretty as always..I received your email...its just been a really weir weekend as I had to work Sat and my days and time are all mixed up, lol..I will reply soon, promise...much love to you for thinking of me Sweets!

Mandy said...

Laura, what an adorable outfit with the tuxedo top and the cherry skirt! LOVE IT! A very Laura outfit indeed - I'm trying to get inspired by skirt outfits, and this has surely inspired me today! I love how you added the neutral belt to this too to tie in with the gray of the shirt and the purple/grays of the tights! Just lovely!

And thank you for the part on leather care - I use pledge on my saddle but have never though to use it on my boots! I should definitely try it! Those Berry Boots are just so lovely and look so well-cared for!

JG said...

My berry-stitched boots are probably one of my favorite anthro purchases. I will definitely follow this leather care guide, as I'm totally clueless on my own!

This is such a great outfit. I've always been afraid of vests, but you are rocking it here (and with that belt - love it!).

Jamie said...

I am woefully negligent about shoe care, which is really ridiculous considering how much I love shoes. And I definitely appreciate your tip on the saddle soap. I was about to use it on a pebbled leather purse and on my P&P boots (which I've naughtily been wearing in the snow. Now I know not to do so!

And the ruffles on your vest are so lovely. I agree that it was well worth the effort to get them to lie properly (easy for me to say, since I'm not the one who had to spend all that time ironing). How wonderful that LC was able to put that vest on hold for you!

Lisa said...

I don't really care for my footwear although I LOVE my shoes. Now you've got me thinking that maybe I should!
on a side I just read this article on yahoo news - Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘superstorm’
What are your thoughts? Will you be affected? I certainly hope not.

Lisa said...

dang it, i meant 'on a side note.' bugs me when i make silly errors.

Keiko said...

wow, you do take good care of footwear! I never really polish my boots.. I kind of like the "used" look, but some of the boots, I should take care like you! I have a lot to learn!!

Laura said...

Kelly, Perhaps I should make Grey, Black and Red my new favorite colors. At least for Fall/Winter Season.

Pamela, I remember this Vest online at some point. Maybe it sold out online and went on sale in stores only. Do you have any Anthro tips of your own?

iLiveinmyLab, Oh wait I did say "Mink Oil like most leather protectors....". But I will edit to make that statement more clear. It is my number one choice for leather. I probably should include a warning not to use on suede though.

Laura said...

Collette, Wow are you saying our styles crossed today. I am floored by your comment. What a wonderful compliment. Ann it's not really neccessary to reply on my email. I knew you had a short weekend, on top of an obviously busy week of runway modeling. What fun!

Mandy, Those tights ate actually Tan, Pink and Orange with just a touch of Gray. But I think they worK.

JG, You shortened your blogger name. Have you noticed how easily these boots scratch. And they are not the kind of scratches that disappear with a little Mink Oil. Must be the unusual color.

Jamie my dear friend! You must get on a regular regimen for Footware friend. If you love your boots they will love you back. I saw you wearing your P&P boots in the snow. You must be crazy! Isn't that what snow boots are for? Mink Oil should water proof them very well. Obviously wouldn't work for the Berry Stitched with the open stitching.

Lisa, It's just a prediction. There are years known as flood years. This year Bakersfield had a 35 year flood. It just means we hit flood stage that was near or equal to about 35 years ago. True it could happen any time since we are due. But these are just predictions. They don't know when this will happen. It comes from historical data. And don't worry I have an escape plan in case the Isabella dam breaks. I'm more worried about that.

Keiko, I just recently ordered the Wightwick Manor Shirtdress to wear with the Bow-Tied Beauty Boots. I've wanted that dress since I saw you wearing it with the Boots. So look out! I am copying you. It also goes great with the Loose Reins Boots.

vintageglammz said...

omg Laura, that is one massive wishlist!
Thanks for the info on how to shop for popbacks. It will sure come in handy for me one day.
I'm terrible when it comes to shoe maintenance. I don't think I even own shoe polish. And you have a little bag of footwear love! How ideal! I saw that red skirt on sale on Anthro, and was wondering whether to get it or not. I'm scared of wearing coloured skirts, which is why most of my skirts are boring black. One day I will have to conquer my fear once and for all.

Laura said...


Ha-ha! That is just my Pop Back Public list. Basically stuff I no longer want or already purchased. I am sharing the list because these items are hard to come by. I have 4 private lists with about 300 items and growing fast.

Funny I saw you wearing a bright Red Cardi over the Mullany Dress on Anthroholic.

How far is it from the Bottom of that Red Cardi to the Top of a Red Skirt?


With your dark Hair, Red would look awesome anywhere on your little self.

JG said...

Laura: Yes, the boots do seem to scratch easily! I notice that mine show wrinkles and creases, too. I don't mind, since I sort of like the well-worn look, but yours look so beautiful with the polish applied. I may have to try that.

And I did shorten the name a bit! Any finger-stamina I can save is well worth it. :)

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