Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Modcloth Frock Strikes an Anthro Pose! Shopping My Closet!

I am so delighted to say, I shopped my Anthro Closet to outfit Modcloth's Frock Ballad Dress in Angie .
Even better news, I re-mixed a second outfit for the dress.

Frock Ballad Dress in Angie - by Nicola - Modcloth $63 - Jan 2011
British Poise Cincher - Anthro $48 - Nov 2010
Chilled Facet Gloves - by Carolina Amato New York - Anthro Gifted - Dec 2009
Sweet Shop Necklace - Anthro Orig $32 Sale $20 - May 2008
 I am full-on in love with Modcloth. I haven't ordered a dress outside Anthro and Athleta in almost 3 years.  Modcloth has great customer reviews, thorough descriptions, and the standard measurements for the dress were dead on target.  Modcloth's Frock Ballad Dress in Angie , size Medium, fits like a dream come true.

Frock Ballad Dress in Angie - by Nicola - Modcloth $63 - Jan 2011
British Poise Cincher - Anthro $48 - Nov 2010
Roadway Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50- Dec 2010
Dreaming of Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - Mar 2010
Sweet Shop Necklace - Anthro Orig $32 Sale $20 - May 2008

The price was heaven sent at $63.  Flat rate shipping is $7.  Anthro, take a clue from Modcloth please. The dress is fully lined and closed at the hem, with huge deep pockets, and button detailing including the back of the collar.  Zip closure is at the back. Dry Clean Only. Silky, smooth blend of 80% Rayon and 20% Poly.  Not my favorite, but I love the dress so much I don't care. And the waist for once sits at the right position.  Length is to the knee.

Shop Modcloth's Frock Ballad Dress by Nicola in Angie (Navy) HERE and in Beth (Ivory) HERE

I wish I could actually unbutton the back of the collar
 so I can lay a continuous necklace under the cowl neck.
I belted over Modcloth's Frock to draw in the waistline for a more flattering look using Anthro's British Poise Cincher .  I upped the warmth factor with Anthro's Roadway Tights by Eloise .  Then folded over a pair of Navy polka dot socks to stay extra warm. Heidi informed me several weeks ago that Anthro's Sweet Shop Necklace was awesome with Navy.  So there you have it.  The Blue pin on the coat lapel, I found under my Entertainment Center several months ago.  I have no idea where it came from.  Imagine that!

Earhart Bomber - by Idra - Anthro Orig  $158 Sale $80 - Nov 2008
Frock Ballad Dress in Angie - by Nicola - Modcloth $63 - Jan 2011
Roadway Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50- Dec 2010
Chilled Facet Gloves - by Carolina Amato New York - Anthro Gifted - Dec 2009
Dreaming of Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - Mar 2010

I had already pictured Anthro's Earhart Bomber by Idra as the perfect topper for the Dress. I love the Salmon Pink houndstooth weave, and I just don't wear this little coat very often. So I was pleased at how great it looks against Navy.  At the last minute I remembered

Does this all sound a bit corny or what?

Roadway Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50- Dec 2010
Chilled Facet Gloves - by Carolina Amato New York - Anthro Gifted - Dec 2009
Sepia Crocus Bag - Dark Multi-Stem Shiny Laminate Tote by Orla Kiely AW08 - Anthro $178 - June 2008
Dreaming of Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - Mar 2010
 Now we get to the bottom of things.  My favorite Orla Kiely Bag.  Anthro's Sepia Crocus Bag, otherwise known as Orla Kiely's Dark Stem Shiny Laminate Tote AW08 .  See my side bar for all the State side stores that stock Orla.  The Fall Winter 2010 Collection is now going on sale. Loraine of Sweet Anthro Dreams scored a nice Laptop bag yesterday from PerriBerri.

For a POP of Orange color I went with Anthro's Dreaming in Stitches Booties by Everybody.

Shop the Everybody Metro Bootie HERE, and HERE

Roadway Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 Red Tag $7.50- Dec 2010
Dreaming of Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - Mar 2010

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Have you had an experience with Modcloth?  Tell me about it.  Good or bad.  Do you have a Post wearing a Modcloth treasure?  Comment with a link. 

See Angali of Goldenmeans wearing her New Years Eve Party Frock from Modcloth HERE.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Elizabeth said...

Those pockets! Love the dress

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Your ModCloth frock is so pretty - but I am over the moon about those boots! Gorgeous!

I am probably the last one left - still have never made a purchase on Modcloth (never had any money left after Anthro and J Crew!).

susan said...

Love the dress and the way you styled it. I haven't bought anything from Modcloth even though I think many of their dresses are adorable. I think I just hate the idea of sending it back if it doesn't fit. How did the fit of this dress compare to the size you normally buy?

e.rogan said...

Hey Lauara!

I absolutely adore the way you styled the Frock Ballad Dress! We are always thrilled when new fans fall in love with one of pieces, especially someone as stylish as you!

Emily @ModCloth
Hey Jessica!

Thanks so much for featuring the Unbridled Passion Dress on your blog - you obviously have great style!
I just wanted to clear up the idea that ModCloth stole this design from Undercover.

ModCloth does not produce or design our own clothing. Susan Gregg Koger, our founder, and her buying team travel the globe looking for unique clothing and decor from independent designers at a wide range of price points.
We began by selling one of a kind vintage items (and still do offer one true vintage item daily!) and our mission remains to offer unique clothing for young women that differs from what she might find in the mall. However, it is impossible for our buyers to keep track of every item/design that is on the market. So from time to time they do fall in love with a style and it happens to be similar to one found from another designer. Please know that is never our intention to steal a style.
Again, we really appreciate you being an awesome fan and thanks so much!

Emily @ModCloth

e.rogan said...

Oops, so sorry about the additional comment attached!

Laura said...

Elizabeth, Ii love the pockets with the button detail. And don't you love the button detail on the back of the collar?

Lisa, as I recall, you admired my booties in a Summer post last year. I've never seen the Orange version anywhere but Anthro.

Susan, Anthro dresses I normally wear a Small. Except the Waffle Weave. It was a Medium. The measurements given on Modcloth were spot on a medium. they also have an easy exchange policy if you need a different size. So does Anthro. You don't have to pay for shipping again. And they have free return.

Kelly said...

Great dress! I check out the Modcloth website all of the time, but I've yet to buy anything. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with them. There's a really cute sweater I've been looking at on their site. I just might pull the trigger this time!

Katie said...

Modcloth - ah! I never think to shop there as I spend all my time looking at Anthropologie's website. Hmph. That dress is SUPER cute, I adore the pockets. Maybe I need to take a closer look!

I love that belt. I had my eye on it but somehow it slipped through the cracks! It looks great on you. I love that you are getting more brave with belts!

Jewish Girl said...

I like this dress on you a LOT. And I also covet those shoes.

I've never ordered anything from ModCloth, but I have scanned their offerings periodically. I'm sure I'll take the plunge soon.

Laura said...

Dear Emily of Modcloth,

Thanks for the compliment. And thank you for the Frock Ballad. I am smitten with both the dress and Modcloth. Looking forward to my next order. QUESTION: How did you find my blog since I never one mentioned I had one in reviews? Do you Google Modcloth every day? Just curious! Oh and don't fret the additional comment.


Jess said...

Adorable Laura! I am back at home so I can catch up on commenting again hehe. Love the orange and blue together, my favourite colours I think. The booties are a great touch with the dress.

Get this, there was snow on the ground when I got home tonight! Almost gone, but it is there is splotches.

vintageglammz said...

This is a fab dress Laura. I'm just loving the oversized pockets, the dark navy colour and the neck detail.
I've only bought one thing from Modcloth so far, and it was a pretty pleasant experience overall - the service was fast, delivery cost wasn't OTT and very efficient. The quality of the product could have been better, but i can't complain too much as the dress was under $100. I haven't bought anything recently as there isn't anything that catches my eye, plus a lot of their stuff looks too short for my liking. But I'm sure i WILL buy again at some stage!
AS for the comment from Emily of Modcloth, I believe they may have a tracking system in place on their site, where they can monitor referring sites to That's just my guess :-)

ShelleyW said...


I'm a fan of Modcloth. I've only ordered a couple of items....but their price point is so much better than Anthro these days. I love Anthro, but some of their stuff has gone sky high!

Kuddos on Emily from Modcloth commenting on your blog.....that's cool!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE the shoes!

Collette Osuna said...

Hi girlie:0 I LOVE ModCloth....Im on their website everyday STALKING all the new items before the instantly sell out! Ive gotten a couple of things....LOVE them.....and you my darling? look absolutely FABULOUS in this to check it out now, lol....

Weekend kisses to YOU:)

Stop by and say Hello♥
Enter my Lulus Giftcard Giveaway♥

Loraine said...

That is a great find, Laura. Most of their dresses are too short in length. I am eyeing the News Anchor Dress but it is a little pricey! Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

Laura - your posts ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I'm digging the superman pose w. the jacket :)
And this dress is d bomb! I love the pockets! And Modcloth dresses usually run too short 4 me, but this dress is a perfect length!

Jamie said...

What a great dress, Laura. I've browsed Modcloth quite frequently but haven't made any purchases. I am in love with many of their animal-patterned pieces (esp. the ones with owls). I think it's so helpful that they offer custom size charts for each item -- what a great idea. I'm sure it prevents a lot of returns based on sizing issues.

I'm loving your bright orange Everybodys. The rusty color really stands out against the navy tights. Great combo!

And you were precisely right about how I scored such a great price on the Shifting Buttons skirt. I hadn't been drawn to it the first time around, but for $7.50 I was willing to keep an open mind. And I think you DID do some thrifty shopping with your Colico Seville purchase. They are JUST as dazzlingly lovely as you say. I have been wanting some purple suede heels and scoured the internet for a perfect pair for months. Maybe I will have to locate some purple heels -- and a Modcloth dress -- to comprise my February spending : )

Laura said...

Jess, When you move to Seattle, you are going to miss the snow!

Jen, Do you browse the option for Dresses that are longer? That's where I found the Frock Ballad Dress. Of course Anthro would never comment on our blogs like Modcloth. Sometimes I feel like Anthro is a little stuck-uppity.

Jewish Girl, Check out the Dresses in Longer Lengths. BTW, I am thrilled about your Chandelier Project. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Kelly, I'm thinking about the sweater dress with the bike on it. So cute.

Katie, Ha-Ha! I wore a belt everyday this week.

Laura said...

ShelleyW, I thought it was pretty awesome that Modcloth comments on blogs. Something Anthro is just too good to do I guess. I gave more love to Modcloth last nigh. I ordered another dress and an umbrella. Fun!

Laura said...

Anthro had the exclusive on the Everybody Booties in Orange.

I ordered another Modcloth Dress last night. It's just too hard to resist their great affordable prices. Oh and a cute Yellow Umbrella too.

Most are too short, but I can't help but hit the option for the Longer Lengths every time I go to Modcloth.

Funny it never occured to me I was striking a Superman and an Anthro pose at the same time.

Actually the size charts aren't custom, that dress just happened to be on the mark for me in a Medium.

Modcloth does offer great reviews and will suggest to size up or down. They also have a measurement system in place for reviewers just as Anthro recently implemented.

I purchased another dress last night by Nicola. I had acidentally picked up almost all the Nicola Brand Dresses in my Wish List. So I am obviously attracted to that Brand. And it fits me well too. The dress I ordered is a little short, but I will where it with tights.

gck said...

Great find at Modcloth! We at Myriad of Muses have done a few orders from Modcloth with varied success. The good items have been great - and great values! - but there's been plenty that hasn't worked out, too. That's pretty typical of any clothing retailer, though, and probably even more so for retailers that go for uniqueness. The reviews help a lot, too. Hope you have more success with Modcloth! Have you tried anything from Ruche?

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