Saturday, November 19, 2011

What else is Missing at Anthropologie?

Where, oh where have the wool skirts gone
Oh where, oh where can they be
With their waistbands high and their hemlines low
Oh where, oh where can they be

Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif - by Tracy Reese
Anthro Orig $138 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
About Six months ago I discovered my Orange Easy Keeper no longer fit.  I successfully traded my size 4 on EA for a size 6.  I didn't find a trade for my Black size 4 Easy Keeper.  Imagine my happiness when I put the Black skirt on and found that it fit.

See Stephanie of Bar Chic HERE.  The only Anthro Blogger I have seen in the Black Easy Keeper Skirt. 

Easy Keeper Skirt in Orange Motif - by Tracy Reese
Anthro Orig $138  Red Tag $60 -  Dec 2010
Where, oh where have the Easy Keeper Skirts gone...?

Wool Tracy Reese skirts are there.  Just not in abundance. I found two.  Neither are producing the same attention as the previous years models. I can see why.

Talgarth Skirt - by Tracy Reese - Anthro $148 

Despite three stellar reviews, the Talgarth Skirt isn't tempting me. Not that this isn't a great skirt for someone.  My intuition tells me to step away from the lack of curve hugging structure.  Nothing about this skirt reminds me of the Easy Keeper.

Glasbury Pencil Skirt - by Tracy Reese -  Anthro $148 
The Glasbury Skirt has potential. I can certainly see nuances of the Easy Keeper.  According to the reviews, I'm not the only one with the urge to rip the pockets off this otherwise fabulous skirt. Then I noticed the $10 hike in prices for Tracy Reese skirts.  A sour note after reading about poor quality fabrics and sizing issues. 

Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif - by Tracy Reese - Anthro Orig $138 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
Pleated As You Please Jacket - by Tabitha - Anthro Orig $138 EA $35 - May 2011
Thru-The-Clouds Tank - by C Keer - Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40 - Jul 2010
Friendly Terrain Belt Red - Anthro Orig $34 Sale $20 - Dec 2010
Opaque Tights in Copper - by Hue - Anthro Orig $12.50 Sale $7 - Jan 2011
Brass Locket Bouquet with Earrings - Esty Shop Mia Sophia  $32 - May 2009
Pebbled and Primped Boot - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $258  Sale $130 - Oct 2010

I picked up the Pleated As You Please Jacket by Tabitha for $35 on EA last Spring.  I couldn't have found a better Fall topper for the Easy Keeper.  It's only a matter of time before I find other worthy matches for the jacket.  At this moment in time, I appreciate previous years Anthro more than anything that is currently offered.

Cafe Cream Skirt - by Eva Franco - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - March 2010
Where, oh where have the Cafe Cream Skirts gone....?

Where are the Cafe Cream Skirts of last year?  There were 3 or 4 skirts in this same cut. Who could resist dark chocolate sprinkled with dusty pink dots?  I can't!  It seems I will have to make do without.  My Cafe Cream Skirt is too small to comfortably wear.  I failed to trade my size 4 for a size 6. 

Shirr and Pleat Pencil Skirt - by Eva Franco - Orig $138 Sale $70 

I found one Eva Franco skirt online. Where is the adorable, attention getting waterfall trailing down the front? This skirt is in the throws of PDD.  Pleat Deficit Disorder.

What is a Wool Skirt loving gal to do next?  Why, look for the ever present and reliable Anthro Brands.

In The Trees Skirt - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - Nov 2010

Where, oh where have the In-The-Trees Skirts gone...?

I failed to find a size 6 trade for my size 4 In The Trees Skirt. : (

I typed Floreat in the online Search Box.  I was blown clear out of the water by NO RETURNS.  

Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of the Anthro Brand Floreat online?

Click HERE to see all the gorgeous pieces of unique clothing that Floreat has produced over the years. 

At this point, confirmation either way would be appreciated.  

I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I missed the big announcement. Maybe Floreat isn't hooked up to the Anthro Search Box. Just trying to be positive.

Does everyone else know about this but me?

For the love of all that is good in the World of Anthro.  What is going on?  

Warning:  This is all in the name of fun.  Don't worry!  I can live without these skirts.  Eva Franco and Tracy Reese can be found elsewhere.  But Floreat's absence is throwing me a loop.

Pebbled and Primped Boot - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $258  Sale $130 - Oct 2010

Where, oh where have the Pebbled and Primped Boots gone...?

Just in case you haven't noticed...there are plenty of Miss Albright shoes, but there are no boots what-so-ever this year.  Disturbing!  This explains my lack of interest in the boot department.

You can view each individual piece of this outfit HERE.  Click the right arrow above each photo to pan to the next item.

Nefi destroys her only piece of Anthro

Nefi was very unhappy doing Time Out in her cage this afternoon.  It really works.  She was completely calm and obedient when I let her out an hour later.  But her cage was a total ruin.

Can you spot Nefi's very own piece of Anthropologie? No worries, The Lamberts Cove Hat was 3.5 years old and made entirely of paper.  She took all her upset out on that hat.

Nefi yesterday during a much happier moment.  And yes that is me narrating. 

Did the missing Anthro come as a surprise to you, 
or did you already know?  What else is missing?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (