Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bunny Boudoir - Beating Return Regrets

Nefi has been pronounced a healthy, 8 month old female. Which means I wasn't far off the mark in thinking she was someones Easter Bunny that they later discarded.  How sad is that?  I often wonder if they regret leaving her to fend for herself in that parking lot for several months.  

Nefi's Bunny Boudoir Pose

My Bunny unfortunately hasn't been spayed.  Female Rabbits need to be spayed to...
1.  Prevent cancer. 
2.  Curtail territorial marking. 
3. Improve the chance of successful litter box training.  

Ha-ha! Nefi has already accomplished 2 and 3. I made an appointment next week to satisfy 1.  

Since I commonly view expenditures in terms of Anthro Dollars, the price of Nefi's surgery is equal to...

Anthro's Spotted Satchel - by Holding Horses - $268
Nefi is priceless.

Besides, this bag isn't an Orla Keily.  I will repeat this in the hopes I can eventually convince myself that I don't want it.

I couldn't be more proud of my little Half Wild Bunny. Nefi hasn't had an accident in over a week.  Several days ago I hesitantly removed the barriers that kept her out of the area behind her cage. The minute the barrier was gone, she ran back and forth behind the cage, and celebrated with happy go lucky Binkies.

Binkies are twists, leaps and hops, followed by super fast fits, often accompanied by wild head gyrations, that occasionally lead to bouncing off walls, furniture, and fellow inhabitants both feline and human alike.

No more blotting wet stains, while hoping around wearing one old shoe, being  careful that the shoe used to blot never comes in contact with unaffected carpet. No more stepping over vinegar saturated wet spots, liberally coated with baking soda.  No more waiting two days to vacuum up white mounds that seem to grow when your back is turned. No more scent of sour vinegar permeating the bedroom and bath. 

Occasional accidents are to be expected and will be tolerated.

We are now a three litter box household. One box for two cats, and two boxes for one Bunny. 

I celebrated with a few carefully executed Binkies myself.  

Ajisai Dress - by Caligraphy Artist Sariah Carson - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $40 - Oct 2011
Reversible Tank in Black V neck side - by Eloise - Anthro $24 - 2009
High Gloss Belt in Sky - Anthro $28 - Apr 2011 
Jackie Cardigan in Black - by J Crew - $62 - May 2011
Opaque Tights in Green - by Hue - Anthro Orig $12.50 Sale $7 - Feb 2011
Anthro Orig $398 Sale $200 - Oct 2011
Sepia Crocus Bag - by Orla Kiely AW08 - Anthro $178 - July 2008
A Rose is a Rose Earrings - by Etsy Shop Magillie $18 - March 2009

The Anjisai Dress was a collaboration between Calligraphy Artist Sariah Carson and Anthropologie. The color palette and simple floral design is appealing and unique. The negatives include Rayon fabric, a lack of pockets, and a strange fitting bodice.  

The dress runs large, so I ordered a size 4. Normally I'm a six in most Anthro brands.  Several reviewers reported the bodice ran large.  Ha-ha! My hopes quickly dissolved the minute I pulled the dress from the package.  I knew it was too skimpy to cover the girls.  I ironed the dress without even trying it on. Which signifies I planned to work with it at some point.

Despite reviews that suggested layering a tank under the dress would distract from it's appearance, I woke up Tuesday morning ready to make a go of the Anjisai. I layered Anthro's Reversible Seamless Tank in Black with the V-neck to the front. As luck would have it, the 4 fit like a glove through the bodice. If it had been larger, the sides would have drooped, and the dress would have been a sure fire return.   I had to zip and then shimmy in the hard way.

In my opinion, the addition of the tank gives the dress dimension at the neckline. At the same time the girls are fully covered.  

Shop Anthro's Anjisai Dress for Pop Backs HERE.
Check back often over the next few weeks.  

The hazards of being one's own photographer.  Anthro's Anjisai Dress on a headless GeoInCalifornia
See Bonnie of Small Town Fashionista wearing the Anjisai HERE
See Elizabeth of Behind the Dressing Room Door Review the Anjisai HERE
See MR of Mind of Mister wearing the Anjisai HERE

For Fall, I added pops of Blue with a skinny belt (similar here) and earrings (similar here).  I chose Green Tights that would blend with the dress (similar here).  I then layered a Black Cardigan over top (J Crew Jackie here).  I was surprised how easily the outfit came together.

Anthro Orig $398 Sale $200 - Oct 2011
I must confess, I wasn't smitten by these Chie Mihara's until they went on sale.  When they arrived I immediately tried them on.  They are incredibly comfortable. The toe box has a bit more room than most closed toe CM's.  Perfect for the wider front of my foot. This heel base is by far my favorite.  The shoes in side view are a show stopper.  But from my vantage point, the top view didn't cut it for me.  The toe was more rounded than I like. The shoe laces appear messy and hide the cute wrap over strap and buckle.  I immediately placed them in the closet, then proceeded to ignore my mixed feelings for two weeks. 

To Lace or Not to Lace
The same morning I wore the Anjisai, I decided to return the Walthamstows. But not before trying them on again one last time.

The only thing worse than buyers remorse is a case of return regret.

I stared at those wonderfully comfortable heels with the unappealing laces.  I wasn't going to wear shoes based solely on comfort. From the top, all I saw were ugly black lace-ups.

Ha-ha! There was my solution. Right there under those messy black laces were the shoes I envisioned.  Removing them in no way compromised the comfortable fit.

I walked to the far reaches of the park to take photo's. No regrets! Absolutely adore the Walthamstows aka Chie Mihara's Fenomenos.

If you find a pair, don't hesitate, whether you prefer to lace or not to lace.

Shop Anthro's Walthamstow Oxfords for possible Pop Backs HERE

Do you have a story of return regret?

Do you have a standard set of measures you use when a purchase doesn't immediately work as expected.

Do you commonly return purchases without spending additional time looking for a solution?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (