Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pebbled, Cabled and Easy! Not Another Flood Please!

Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif- by Tracy Reese - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $80 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
Cabled Pathways Pullover - by Moth - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 Red Tag $52 - Dec 2010
Pebbled and Primped Boot - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Oct 2010
Opaque Tights in Purple - by Worthington - JCP - 2008
Brass Locket Bouquet with Earrings - Esty Shop Mia Sophia $32 - May 2009

As most of you know, I live in the Great Central Valley of California. The Southern end of the valley where Bakersfield is located, is know as the San Joaquin Basin. Millions of years ago this was an inland sea, and now a rich source of oil and agriculture.

Our average yearly rainfall is about 5 inches. In the last 3 weeks we had 5 inches of rain. The subdivision known as Campus Park 2 blocks to the North of mine is flooded.

Kern River Canyon Residents have this to deal with.  The road has been closed for a week. More rain is predicted starting tonight.

My heart goes out to my fellow bloggers and those on the East Coast who are suffering much of the same in the form of the White stuff.

On with my happy-go-lucky outfit poses.  Today's were sparked by my BF making fun. 

Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif- by Tracy Reese - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $80 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
Cabled Pathways Pullover - by Moth - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 Red Tag $52 - Dec 2010
Pebbled and Primped Boot - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Oct 2010
Opaque Tights in Purple - by Worthington - JCP - 2008
Brass Locket Bouquet with Earrings - Esty Shop Mia Sophia $32 - May 2009

I have included the Catalog links so you can check often for Pop Backs on just about everything I am wearing.
by Moth - Nov Catalog - style # 19264878
(needs a T shirt underneath - itchy wool - runs big)

by Tracy Reese - Sept Catalog -  style # 19131820
(TTS for me - not for an hour glass figure - you can size up then fold or belt over the waist band as suggested by Jamie of Thrifty Threads)

by Miss Albright - Sept Catalog - style # 18360024
(runs TTS - if wide size up)

The 25% off Red Tag prices are in effect until Jan 3rd. Although I suspect you won't find Pop Backs for at least another week or more on the sweater and skirt since they recently went on sale.  I suggest adding these items to your Wish List even if the size isn't correct.  Once the January Catalog overwrites September that is the only way you will be able to check for Pop Backs on the skirt and boots. 

For reviews : copy paste this address into your browser and replace the Orange highlight with the items style number I have given above.  I could set this up for you, but with the link and a style number  you have power to check reviews for any Anthro item back to Summer 2009. Or just Google the Anthro item name.


Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif- by Tracy Reese - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $80 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
Cabled Pathways Pullover - by Moth - Anthro Orig $128 Sale $70 Red Tag $52 - Dec 2010
Brass Locket Bouquet with Earrings - Esty Shop Mia Sophia $32 - May 2009
 I'm wearing the Cabled Pathways Pullover in my normal size Small.  The sweater is itchy and very warm, so I layered a gold T shirt underneath in case I can't take the wool inferno.
Last time I was at my Mothers house I admired the long necklace. My Mother will give me anything if I ask.  And even when I don't.  And then as Mothers will often do - she will complain about giving it to me as she runs me from her bedroom.  She loves me.

Easy Keeper Skirt in Black Motif- by Tracy Reese - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $80 Red Tag $60 - Dec 2010
Pebbled and Primped Boot - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Oct 2010
Opaque Tights in Purple - by Worthington - JCP - 2008
Sepia Crocus Bag - Dark Multi Stem Laminate Tote - Anthro $178 Orla Kiely AW08 - Jul 2008
 I enlarged the photo of the boots, because I know a few Readers are trying to score a pair. When I checked at 11 am there was a size 8 available in the Sale Section.

Every time I wear these boots they change color.  I call them Chameleon boots. They go with everything.

I added the Purple tights for a knock out twist.  The shock of color works because they don't show much between the boots and skirt hem. The Pale Purple in the skirt, and the Purple jewelry ties the tights into the outfit.  Besides, Gold and Purple are one of my favorite color combinations.

What are your favorite Color Combinations?

If you have any questions about the specific items I am wearing please feel free to shoot me an email.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)


Kara said...

You look so cute. And your help with the boots was SO appreciated. I will be bracing for the rain too - I live in the San Gabriel valley. Good luck staying as dry as possible! -Kara

Terrie said...

I really like that outfit! I love my brown Cabled Pathways. I am currently stalking the Pebbled and Primped (among so many other things) since the Berry-Stitched Boots didn't work for me no matter how many times I tried them on.

Lisa said...

I used to lived in Cali too, but I lived in Pleasanton and worked in San Jose. Can't believe it's flooding just 2 blocks away from you.
The Cabled Pathways Pullover looks super darling on you. I have an 'itch' issue with wool too and pull the same trick you do. :-)
Have a fabbity fab holidays!!! Anthro is tempting me with their sale.

vintageglammz said...

Laura, I am SO boring and my fave colour combos are black/white or black/anything. I also like Navy/red combos too! I have to be a little more adventurous like you and add an unexpected pop of colour to my outfits...maybe in the new year!
I am really loving the easy keeper skirt on you. I actually like it in this colourway more than the orange one. This one looks more classy and versatile. Btw, my Anthro order from the tag sale got cancelled by Anthro. Arghhhh im so upset! I want to repurchase, but sale prices have gone up since then!
Yikes, that flooding looks terrible. I feel sorry for all the people affected.

Peggy said...

great outfit today!! Those boots are the best! You asked about the heels on my oxfords- they look high - but when I tried them on they felt good. I am wearing them to work 8 hours tomorrow so I will let you know how I make it!haha

Jamie said...

Oh my, that flooding looks terrible. We are supposed to get more rain tomorrow, as well, and I'm hoping it will just be a drizzle. One of the toll roads out here has been closed since Tuesday.

BUT, I am very grateful to not have been affected by the East Coast snow. I don't fly back until Thursday evening, so I am hoping that everything will be cleared out by that time -- although the Times said that delays might persist through the New Year. Gulp -- hope not!

On to your outfits -- I must confess that I was not impressed by the Gray/Black version of the Easy Keeper when I saw the online photos. But you have definitely convinced me to give it a second look. I hadn't realized it had that bit of purple in it -- just perfect for pairing with your From the Poles Jacket when it returns sans security sensor.

And the Pebbled and Primped Boots work so nicely with this skirt. I am wondering if they will look as good with the Orange version I have. And thanks for the shout-out about the waist -- with all the eating I've been doing recently, I might have as much extra space in the waistband as before (teehee!).

And, I can't believe you counted every.single.one. of the flowers on my last OOTD. But for someone as wonderfully detail-oriented and observant as you, I shouldn't be too surprised : )

LC said...

What a beautifully coordinated outfit. I picked up the sweater in brown and am still waiting for my skirt in orange. I don't know if I ordered the right size though, I went up one because I can't stand high-waisted things suffocating me. I guess I will follow Jamie's lead.

And I am having to track down the Pinafore Pullover thanks to your post yesterday!

Elizabeth said...

Love the necklace. My mother is the same way, I think half the things in my house are items I've complimented her on and she has forced me to take home.

Thanks for your advice on the ugly ugly shoes! We just got back from our vacation so I'm about to have to break the news. I just went back and re-read all the comments to try and work up the nerve.. I'm such a whimp.

ShelleyW said...

LOVE this outfit!

BTW....I got my Garnet Hill catalog in the mail yesterday. They have Orla Kiely luggage on sale! Let me know if you want a link......


Jess said...

Hi Laura! Hope you are safe with the flooding and everything! Your outfit is great, I love the pop of purple with the tights, very unexpected, but not too in the face. Those boots look like the are becoming a staple for you, love it!

Karen said...

Hi Laura! I live in No Anthro Bakersfield, too!Cute outfit!!! I have the Pebbled and Primped Boots and love them, too, whatever color they are! Nice job putting those catalog links up. Hope you stay warm and dry and keep blogging your fun outfits!!!

Laura said...

Kara, First two storms not too bad. Numbers 3 and 4 expected over the weekend.

Terrie, Good luck with the P&P Boots. Hope you find them. Sorry the Berry Stitched didn't work.

Lisa, Long Sleeve T shirt under the wool sweater was too hot for the office. I thought I was going to boil. Love Pleasanton. BF's brother lives there.

Jen, Why did anthro cancel your order? Not right. They cancelled one sweater on me, but I found one in a store. It much be frustrating for you trying to get orders.

Laura said...

Peggy, I can't negotiate anything over 3.5 without fear of face plant.

Jamie, About the flowers. Since no one else answered your question "Can you count the number of flowers in my outfit" I thought I would hazard a guess.

LC, I'm with you when it comes to high waist bands for pants or skirts. The Easy Keeper is actually so high it didn't bother me, even in my normal size.

Elizabeth, Between mothers and boyfriends what's a girl to do.

Laura said...

Shelley: I over spent my December and January budget. I already have a Laptop bag in the car print that I love so much I carry it as a handbag.

Laura said...

Jess, I never thought I would see the day that a pair of boots is my favorite. The Berry Stitched have turned out to be more versatile than I could have hoped.

Karen, What fun! A reader from Bakersfield. This is too cool. Sure would love to know how you cope with a long distance love for Anthropologie.

vintageglammz said...

Hey Laura!
Thanks for your comment on my blog - so funny to read! If you are reading this right now, i guess it means you're still on your son's computer?
Hehehe...LOL about everything in Australia can kill you :-) He's overexaggerating though, so please do come visit one day - it's safe!! promise!
Also, i called anthro today and was able to reinstate my order. YAY! included free shipping too...and now that the AUD exchage rate is so good, the cost in AUD is actually less than the cost in USD! double yay!

Lori said...

wow how beautiful and classy! Love this outfit. Thanks for providing the popback links. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for the easy keeper in red at some point. WOW! I didn't realize y'all were getting so much rain! so crazy! stay warm and dry!


Karen said...

Online shopping, calling customer service to locate items, calling stores to order stuff, going to the new F21 to find "Anthro-inspired" items, reading Anthro blogs, having my daughter look for stuff when she goes to Anthropologie, and then when I'm out of town and actually get to go to Anthropologie it is such a treat!
Soak up the sun today because there is more rain on the way!

Erica Wark said...

Great boots!! And thanks for your comments... And yes, a little wind never hurt anybody!!

Happy New Year and thanks for following me!



Jewish Girl said...

Love that skirt on you! I agree with you on the boots changing color, too. I don't own them, but I tried them on a few times and I'm pretty sure they went from grey to black to brownish. Magical!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the flood looks terrible!
Love the boots, and the skirt reminds me a lot of a similar one I used to have!

Happy New Year!



Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Hope all is getting better with the weather, Laura! I love the Pebbled & Primped boots on you - and I agree, they go with everything and are so comfy!

Happy 2011!

Elizabeth said...

Looking good on Anthroholic this morning!

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