Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To You, Crazy Anthro Girl! My Very Happy B-Day Orla Kiely Bag!

Last Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat.  By Friday (9 days of vacation begins) I was full blown sick. Today's OOTD demanded rest and relaxation while wrapped in a cozy quilted Anthro robe...

Anthro's Cordova Hooded Robe - by Lilka - Gifted by BF Nov 2008
Pattern Book - by Orla Kiely - Amazon - Gifted by BF Dec 2010 

...gazing adoringly at an early Birthday delivery.  Orla Kiely's Pattern.  Pamela of Ginger Girl (a fellow Orla enthusiast) identified my prized Orla from my post after seeing the bag in Pattern.  

See my Post with the Wool Tapestry Bag HERE

She recommended this fascinating photo filled book about my favorite handbag designer. My BF got a big hug for the early Birthday present.  He knows how to bring on a smile.

Wool Tapestry Stem Print Leather Handbag Multi - by Orla Kiely AW08 - Orig $800 eBay $400 gently used - Apr 2009
Pattern chronicles the Irish born designers history in her own words. The book is filled with colorful, full page photography of textiles, sketches, and 2 decades of photo shoots. Much of the colorful photos come from her creative lookbooks, family home, London based studio, and her highly treasured collections.  I spent a few hours turning the pages and smiling as I recognized many familiar prints, handbags, clothing items, and housewares.

Shop Orla's Pattern Book at Amazon HERE.

Orla Kiely Flip Notes Book, a Sunday to-do list, and a delivery
A little package arrived from a certain store yesterday.  Can you spot what that something is in the photo?

My guy made the dreaded grocery shopping trip without me.  He returned with my favorite comfort foods and thoughtfully made Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup (with milk) in large ceramic Christmas cups, afloat with Cheez-its!  Mm mm Good! Next on his get well menu were Mimosa's afloat with blackberries. Liquid ambrosia!  He didn't forget my favorite candy. Two large boxes of Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers.

As you can guess, most of my to-do list was forgotten. I did move my Internet Browser to Google Chrome, and sent this message to Anthropologie.

I'm hoping Anthro will come through on this with a December Catalog. If not I might have to sticky finger a catalog from someone else.

Yesterday Dad appeared at the door with the cutest little box.  Inside were these adorable lily pad earrings handmade by Mom.  Later today he arrived with a second pair in different colors. Mom's know how to bring on a smile.

My ears are celebrating a Birthday too.  They are beginning to show signs of wear just like the rest of me.

Did you recognize the Anthro Gift Card Holder?  Heidi and Christine know what brings on a smile too. There's a thumb print of Tomato Soup I accidentally left behind.

It's been raining cats and dogs for three days straight.  Heishe loves watching them fall. Ha-ha!

Orla's AW10 Collection was released last August. I was convinced I desperately needed a darling little bag that resembles the Chanel Flap in Black.  But honestly I don't wear much Black. And the Purple is gorgeous but...
See my Post HERE.

This afternoon, I booted up my Laptop to begin writing this post. I meant to open my blog link, but accidentally hit THE FIND link that is set to search Orla Kiely.  This search engine has the most comprehensive listing for Orla Kiely. Naturally, I was immediately distracted.  It wasn't long before I stumbled upon the bag in the creamy Beige color I thought was not available in the States. I was amazed to find it on sale for 50% off.  

I hope Yoox doesn't disappoint me with a cancellation notice. The Quilted Patent Iris Bag in Black is OUT OF STOCK on Orla's USA site. To think I was waiting for a January sale. 

Quilted Patent Iris Bag in Cream by Orla Kiely
Anthro Sister Love and Orla Kiely Desire, Laura (


Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! Glad to see you received so many awesome things! I never got a December catalog either, but my husband did (he ordered a gift for me in October). Weird.

Kelly said...

I hope you're feeling better and Happy early Birthday!!!

By the way, I never got my Dec. Anthro catalog either!!! I assumed I didn't get it because of my move BUT I changed my address with Anthro before I even changed it with the P.O.!!! I was bound and determined not to miss a catalog, but very disappointed I never got it :(

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Ack, I hope you are feeling better - happy birthday!

Enjoy your time off and get yourself something pretty! The patent iris bag may do the trick!

Collette Osuna said...

Happy Birthday sorry you are not feeling well...that bag would sure make me feel better, if only for a bit:)

Hugs and Get Well wishes!

Stop by and say Hello♥

Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Jess said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you feel better soon. Your BF sounds like he is taking very good care of you though, so maybe being sick for a little bit wouldn't hurt, you can get pampered! Nope, no December catalog here either, and I usually get them quite late too.

20 York Street said...

What a sweet, thoughtful man you have!

Happy, Happy Birthday Laura, Best wishes to you!


goldenmeans said...

Happy Birthday Laura :)

Tien said...

Happy birthday, Laura! I somehow ended up with THREE December catalogs, and would happily forward one to you. If you want it, email me at, and I will promptly send it to you!

Mia said...

Happy birthday, Laura! You have an awesome boyfriend. Have a great Christmas!

Pamela said...

Isn't the book just gorgeous!?! Happy Birthday!

Keiko said...

Happy Birthday!! People around you are so sweet!!
I woke up with sore throat this morning.. I am trying to stay healthy till the tag sale!! BAHH!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Laura...I hope that you have an awesome day and a wonderful holiday!

Elizabeth said...

Feel better Birthday Girl!!

Laura said...

To All My Readers, Fellow Bloggers, Family and Friends,

You never fail to surprise me. Especially today. Reading all your thoughtful Happy Birthday Wishes and Get Well Comments was better than a bowl of Chicken Soup. Several unexpected gestures were made that brightened my entire day. Despite the fact that most of us have never met, you continue to show a willingness to share and give whenever possible. Something that is often difficult to find in our daily lives.

You inspired me to get my Holiday Spirit. You make me laugh, frown, wonder, and want to share my crazy ideas right back. We are different and alike in so many ways. We share a need to explore, search, solve, create, and share whatever makes us who we are. And if it's color, texture, beauty, form, cut and style that inspire and bring joy, then more power to us.

The most burning questions I have for every blogger is, "What Brought You Here?", and "Why do you Stay?"

This is my answer to what brought me here.

I found the blogs almost a year ago by accident in a search. I saw a post that sparked recognition. I read to get more information. I commented to share my own. The burning desire for more held me. One thing I am, is filled with constant questions and the need for answers. Ask my BF. I drive him crazy.

There was an instant connection. Here was a community that I would never tire of listening to. Here was a place that let me express what consumed me at times. Then I pushed the "Create A Blog...It's Free" button five months ago. My reasons evolved into something entirely different, and so much better than I had planned.

This is my answer to why I stay.


I was astounded when members of this community offered to go out of their way to help a complete stranger. I was surprised that I too had information to share. When you came to read my ideas I was floored. When I asked for help you gave. When I gave help you appreciated.

Thank you for being here to listen to me grumble about the bad, rave about the good, and throw all my crazy ideas at you any time I feel the need. I am here for you anytime.

Have a Wonderful Holiday, Laura

whimsy said...

you are darling! love your cute blog...cant believe i haven't come across it until now! from one anthro girl to another...

vintageglammz said...

Hi Laura
Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you are enjoying your birthday pressie already.
I love that message you sent to Anthro - very well said sister!
Those earrings handmade by your mother are truly special. She has a great eye for colour and is very talented to have made it herself.
It's nice to read about your reason for starting a blog. when i first started mine, it was just a fun little thing. I didn't expect to get any followers.The blogging community is a great place to vent, espcially when our friends,partners colleagues are over it :-)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Laura and I hope you feel better soon! Love your goodies and of course, your great Orla bags!

Jewish Girl said...

Wow, you got that bag for such a bargain!! Hope you feel better, and happy birthday!

Jamie said...

HI Laura! I'm very behind, but wanted to wish you the happiest, merriest of birthdays! I'm so sorry you're sick, but I hope some rest at home -- in a beautiful Anthro robe, no less -- does the trick. And what a gorgeous OK bag. Love the patent and quilting.

I can't wait to see OOTDs with all the lovely purchases your recently ordered. Thanks so much for emailing me a pic of the purple From the Poles jacket. It is darling, and definitely fitting for both of our styles. Zippers are among my faves!

If you miss future catalogs, let me know. Since I have stuff sent to both work and home, I receive catalogs both places. But guess what I haven't received? A clear plastic accessories bangle! Maybe because I only recently signed up for an Anthro card. But I am miffed!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Laura!! I'm so late because my computer didn't see this post - so sorry! You're a December baby like me! :P What a gorgeous bag - I LOVE it! Such a "Laura" bag, and I can't wait to see you feature it in your outfits! Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays to you and your family to one of my favorite bloggers!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you had agreat night. What lovely earrings you mom gave you
best wishes

Loraine said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Laura! I am so envious of all of your Orla Bags. The latest addition is just beautiful. Can't wait to see it with an outfit!

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